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Category: Tatkal Info

Tatkal ticket fare

Tatkal Ticket Fare

Have you ever wondered what will be the tatkal ticket fare if you booked it? You are not alone, we have too. The tatkal ticket fare is calculated as a
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tatkal charges

Tatkal charges

What are the tatkal charges? We have the same taste in questions. It is a fixed percentage of the fare- 10% of basic fare for second class and 30%  of
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tatkal ticket refund

Tatkal Ticket Refund

What do you want? A Tatkal ticket refund, we all want it. But Indian Railways thinks otherwise. Confirmed Tatkal tickets will not get a refund but you can cancel and
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tatkal seat availability

Tatkal Seat Availability 2019

This is the one-stop solution for Tatkal seat availability. You can’t find anything more updated than this article. No matter what, there will be a rush for tatkal seats every
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