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Fast Tatkal ticket booking

You will not find any post on fast tatkal ticket booking with so much value all over the Internet. We will try our level best to clear all your doubts within this blog itself. This is the one-stop solution for all your queries. Booking tickets in tatkal has become a trend these days. People who can book confirmed tatkal tickets are given the first priority while ticket booking sessions.  But in the end, all that matters is how fast you can book a tatkal ticket. When you go to the IRCTC website and try to book the tatkal tickets manually, it takes a lot of time to fill-up the form for booking. Now, what should you do now? How can you book those tickets in a swift way?

Here, the tatkal ticket booking software/app/extension comes into the picture. Don’t worry all these softwares, apps and extensions work with IRCTC. They are completely trustworthy and safe. You cannot book tickets in these apps but it takes the form filling work from you takes a lot of time while booking. There are a few factors that you need to keep in mind. Read the rest of the article to get a clear understanding of the topic fast tatkal ticket booking extension.

Quick Tatkal ticket

It has become very easy for people to book quick tatkal tickets. Various apps and extensions are available to minimize your time while booking. When a tatkal ticket gets confirmed, everyone feels like a huge burden has been lifted from their heads. But, every platform has its own unique interface. You can use our fast tatkal ticket booking app. If you want to book tatkal tickets quickly, here are some tips that you can look after

  • You need to have a good internet connection and a good system that doesn’t hang should be used for booking.
  • You can pay through UPI instead of cards & net banking because it takes time to fill up all the details if you are booking by the normal method.

Fast Tatkal Ticket Booking

There are several ticket booking softwares/apps/extensions that you can use to booking. Most of them are made by third party sites that work with IRCTC. Auto Tatkal & Tatkal4sure are some examples of extensions. Red Mirchi is an example of software. You will find most of the apps and extensions are from the same provider, like Auto Tatkal. Auto Tatkal has an android app as well as an extension that works with chrome browser. We are just giving examples. The choice will be yours which platform to use. The steps to use for all the platforms will be mentioned clearly in the website/app itself which you can follow step by step for booking.

IRCTC Fast Tatkal Ticket Booking App

As we discussed, there are various tatkal ticket booking apps that can book your tickets fast. As for the apps, Auto Tatkal and Super Tatkal are the most used apps that you can find for booking. They have a tremendous speed that can be a great advantage for your booking. Use our fast tatkal seva. There are some steps you need to follow while booking tatkal tickets. Here they go:

  • Always use the same browser that you use while browsing, we recommend you to use chrome browser because it outperforms all other platforms in terms of speed.
  • Close all other tabs and applications running in the background such as cloud synchronizing apps like dropbox, MS Onedrive for better speed.
  • Save all the details on the app or extension forms before booking because it fills up all the details on the IRCTC website automatically.


1 – What if any of the apps or extensions have failed to work?

Ans – In the end, all the tickets will be confirmed by IRCTC finally. The work of the extensions and apps will be to correctly fill up all the details on the IRCTC website in the time of booking so that you can have better chances of confirmation. Almost all of them work perfectly at the time of booking. Just keep your cache and history clean to speed up the browser.

2 – Is this a paid service?

Ans – Some of the software are paid, but most of the apps and extensions are completely free to use. You are saving money & time at the same time.

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