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Bittu Singh asked 1 year ago

Hello Auto Tatkal..!! As we all know that it’s very hectic to book Tatkal tickets. So can I get a confirmed seat using your auto Tatkal extension? Which is the best free tatkal software? As there will be high traffic on IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking website. Can I trust your extension during an emergency like when I need to book urgent tickets? As I have tried other extensions but they don’t work properly. Out of 10 times, you will get a confirm ticket once or twice. And if it is so can we call it as best tatkal ticket booking software2019? Also, please provide a link regarding how to use this IRCTC tatkal booking software?

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Admin Staff answered 1 year ago

Yes, it’s seriously very hectic to book a Tatkal ticket. Actually, nowadays you can even book tickets but when we were in college it was just too hectic and time-taking process. Yes, mostly you will get the tickets if you fill every detail properly and if you start using it properly. Till now I have tried a few times and yes I got the ticket. Also, some other users have also tried and successfully booked a tatkal ticket using our Auto Tatkal extension. Go through this link and your every doubt will be clear about how to book Tatkal tickets.

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