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IRCTC Quick Book

Have you ever wondered why do those tatkal tickets get booked so quickly? Do you remember the number of times you have missed your train because you couldn’t book a tatkal ticket? This is the one-stop solution that you need to know about IRCTC Quick Book. Make sure you go through the whole article thoroughly. You are going to get an immense amount of value through this article. Booking tatkal tickets in the normal way has become very challenging for a lot of people. You need to know proper tips and tricks so that you can understand and implement them while booking your tickets.

IRCTC Quick Book is an option that is provided to the users who are well acquainted with the IRCTC Ticket Booking Procedure. It offers the user a mode of booking where the registered user has an option to colonize the form on a single page and proceed to make payments to book the tickets.  It becomes more efficient if the user is conscious of the fare and route details of his travel.

Quick Tatkal Booking

Here comes the main part that you all have been waiting for. Tatkal booking is meant to be done very fast or else your ticket will be seized by someone else. There are various methods by which you can book a tatkal ticket quickly. You can either go and stand in the ticket counter line for hours, pay some extra bucks to a guy to book the ticket for you or else you can do it yourself by using the IRCTC Quick book option or by using other apps and extensions which is also an easy way. You can try out every way to find out the right method that works for you perfectly.

How to Quick Book Tatkal Ticket IRCTC

As we have mentioned earlier, the quick book option for tatkal is suitable for one who is familiar with the fare and route details for the travel. Here are some of the steps that you need to follow if you want to book a tatkal ticket through IRCTC Quick Book option:

  • You can register as an individual for a free account.
  • Log In by entering your username and password.
  • For Quick Book click on the link “QuickBook” on the home page and then log in with your user-id and password or at left navigation under “Services” after login on the plan my travel page.
  • You can select Ticket type as E-ticket or I-ticket as Quick Book.
  • Click on Submit Button for entering passenger details and Replan for entering new journey details.
  • Select your train from the list that appears on the screen after clicking the fetch train code option.
  • If the “From/To” station selected by you are correct in the route of the train then :
  • The valid date of booking should be entered.
  • Quota option is available to the customer.
  • If you want to know the availability of seats/berths, click on “Show Availability”.
  • Payment options are available.
  • On click of “Quick book” You will proceed to Banks for booking with the required Fare.

IRCTC Quick Booking Tips

There are important tips and suggestions that you need to follow if you want to buy a quick book ticket:

  • A good internet connection and a good system that doesn’t hang.
  • Full familiarity with the fare and travel details.
  • Complete knowledge of IRCTC’s e-ticketing system.
  • Fill the details about your journey, find the train list, then select the Tatkal Quota.
  • Get ready to hit the “Check availability” button as soon as the Clock hit the booking time (10:00 AM for A.C. and 11:00 AM for Non-A.C.). The new real-time clock available on the website made it easy.
  • Prefer trains that provide a waiting list tickets.

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