IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking

Back in our college days, we used to wait overnight in line to book the tatkal tickets. Now the times are changed a lot you can now book just by visiting IRCTC website. Even though there are many ways to book tatkal tickets and still it isn’t an easy process. Every train got an average of 70-100 Tatkal tickets for AC and 150-200 for the sleeper. More than 5000 people will try to book these tickets every day. So here are the simple steps for IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking from which you can get your tickets in less than a minute. Get various updates about IRCTC Tatkal tickets.

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Process

Generally, if you were to book train tickets then you need to fill all the details such as Journey, Train, Passenger, and extra options. It’s the same for Tatkal ticket booking. You need to follow below steps to book Tatkal tickets

Login to IRCTC Website:

If you already have an IRCTC account then log in with your username and password. Remember, you need to fill the captcha every time to Login to IRCTC website. If you don’t have an account then follow think link create one for yourself. Use the best extension for tatkal ticket.

Choose the Train:

Enter your From and To stations then a list of trains will show up. Choose the Train by searching the seat availability and then Note down the train number. We need this information to autofill IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking details. As this is just an IRCTC extension for tatkal ticket.

Enter Passenger Details:

In the next step, you need to enter all the traveling passenger details and fill other options like Book only if confirmed tickets are available, Travel insurance and choice of the berth. Once every detail is filled then you need to Enter the final captcha. After this, it may or may not ask for a security question.

Complete the Payment to get Tatkal Tickets:

Once you have landed on the payment page then your Tatkal ticket booking is almost done. But still, try to complete the Payment ASAP. You can go with UPI payment option because this can be done in a few seconds.

But still, there is a catch for booking Tatkal tickets. If you were to book them then you need to fill all those details as soon as Tatkal booking opens. Even if you got delayed by a few seconds then your tickets may fall into the waiting list. So to automate this process we at Auto Tatkal made a chrome extension which can fill every detail to give you confirmed tatkal tickets.

Install Auto Tatkal Extension

By using Auto Tatkal extension you can save your trip details like IRCTC login, Journey Details, and Passenger details. When the tatkal booking opens our extension will auto fill all of them. This process can be done in 5-10 seconds all you need to do is Enter the captcha and complete the payment. You can follow these below steps to book Tatkal Tickets. You must use this irctc tatkal extension to save your time.

How to Book Tatkal Tickets

After installing the irctc tatkal ticket booking extension you will get an icon in the chrome search. Simply tap on that icon and it will take you to Chrome Options page. In that page, you can save your trip details

IRCTC Login:

Enter User name and Password of your IRCTC login

IRCTC login

Add your Journey Details:

You need to enter these details. From and To Stations, Journey Date, Train Number and Coach (Sleeper or AC)

journey details

Fill the Passenger Details:

Enter all the traveling passenger details with the mobile number. You can also choose the other two options of your choice.

passenger details

Save the Trip:

Once ever detail is ready you can simply save that. This will show up on the main page.


Now at the time of Tatkal ticket booking which is 10 AM for AC and 11 AM for sleeper simply follow these below instructions.

  • Click on BOOK NOW at 09:58 am for AC Bookings OR 10:58 am for Sleeper Bookings. It will redirect you to IRCTC website.
  • Your login and password details are automatically filled. Fill The captcha and click on LOG IN
  • Journey Detailed will be filled and it would redirect to TRAIN LIST PAGE. Book button of your selected train will be clicked when the clock hits 10:00 for all AC booking and at 11:00 for sleeper
  • Fill the captcha on Passenger Detail Page.
  • Complete the Payment details on redirected Payment Page to get your confirmed tatkal tickets.

If you have any doubts then ask us here or visit Tatkal Forum for FAQ.

Tatkal Ticket Booking Online vs Offline

There are two ways to book a tatkal ticket. The most popular method is to use IRCTC website and the old method is to visit the ticket booking counter. In every ticket booking counter you need to wait in a line and when the booking opens then they will start filling the details. In the whole line, only 2-3 people can get the confirmed tickets because tickets will fall into waiting list in 2-3 minutes. So the best way is to use the Tatkal Ticket booking online method. As this tatkal booking extension can help you get a ticket by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Timing?

These Tatkal Ticket booking timings are fixed. The booking window opens at 10 AM for AC and 11 AM for the sleeper. It takes time to fill up the details so use our tatkal ticket booking extension.

Are there any tatkal ticket booking agents?

Yes, every travel agency got the Tatkal ticket booking agents. But they will charge 2-300 Rs extra for a confirmed ticket. If you aren’t able to book through IRCTC website then you can take help of our tatkal ticket extension. Unlike these agents, we don’t charge any amount it is completely free service.

What are the best tatkal ticket booking tricks?

So far there is only tatkal ticket booking trick and that is to use a chrome extension. This feature isn’t available for mobile users. You can use tatkal ticket now extension.

Is there any tatkal ticket booking form?

You can only fill tatkal details after the window opens. This isn’t a booking form but those are the details which are required to book the tickets. You can autofill them with the help of our extension.

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