Premium Tatkal Timing to book tickets

Premium Tatkal ticket timings

Timing is the most important factor while booking Tatkal Tickets. If you don’t know proper tatkal timings, no matter what you do you will lose your tickets to someone else. Timings have always been intact from the beginning when IRCTC started giving Tatkal facilities. It’s obvious there is a rush always on the IRCTC portal because it is the fourth-largest railway network in the world. Now, that we know about the importance of timing while booking Tatkal tickets, people do have questions about Premium Tatkal Timings. Don’t worry, we have discussed the same throughout the article. Premium Tatkal has the same format of pricing as Airline fares. It follows dynamic fare pricing which means the less no, of seats, the higher the pricing. It is a strategy to extract more money from the public and to increase revenue.

Opening Time

The Premium tatkal opening time is the same as that of the Normal tatkal opening timing. The booking starts from 10 AM onwards. First, the Tatkal tickets get booked, then Premium tickets. It’s basically the tatkal tickets when they come to an end, then they get converted into Premium. Once you buy them, its totally a confirmed ticket. No waiting, No RAC, nothing. It’s all yours. The dynamic fare increases on every booking in Premium Tatkal Quota and decreases on every cancellation. The normal price of a Premium Tatkal ticket is double the price of the same ticket if booked in advance. Premium tickets can be booked only Online.

Premium Tatkal Timing for AC

The Premium tatkal timing for AC is 10 AM which is as same as the normal tatkal timing. Everyone wants to book an AC class ticket for their travel while some are there who don’t have enough resources to buy that ticket. AC coaches are neat and tidy than the sleeper classes. If you want to book an AC class tatkal ticket, you need to be ready by 9:55 AM, fill up all the details on the IRCTC website, then exactly at 10 AM you should click the book button on the dashboard. We know how hard it is. Internet Speed, Bank Server, IRCTC Server, etc. everything should align with your system speed through which you are booking the tickets.

Premium Tatkal Timing for Sleeper

The Premium tatkal timing for AC is 11 AM which is as same as the normal tatkal timing. Booking in the sleeper class is more hectic than other classes. People who are new to this type of booking are going to have a hard time. It is a bit costly than the general IRCTC tatkal ticket. Almost everyone can afford it. Passengers who travel daily in trains, when they get some urgent work, they probably choose sleeper tickets instead of going for AC. We are not saying they are the only people, but they are the majority. Unbooked Premium Tatkal tickets are used to confirm waiting tatkal tickets. Mostly, no one chooses a premium tatkal ticket for a sleeper class. Very less percentage of people choose this class.

Premium Tatkal Booking timings 2019

The timings are the same for 2019. There have been no changes since the day when the timings were announced for AC and Non AC class. Here are some rules that you need to follow if you are going to book Premium Tatkal tickets:

  • Opening days booking to be allowed on/after 10:00 hrs.
  • Advance Reservation Period (ARP) of Premium Tatkal ticket booking is the same as Tatkal ticket booking.
  • Agents will not be allowed to book tickets in this quota.
  • Dynamic fare shall be charged to Confirm Passengers.
  • RAC/ Waitlist Ticket Booking is not allowed.
  • Only E-tickets will be permitted for booking.
  • I-ticket Booking is not allowed with this Quota.
  • No concession shall be applicable in this Quota.
  • Child passengers will be charged with Full Fare.
  • The identity card number of the prescribed proof of identity is required at the time of booking.
  • At least one passenger should travel with his/her ID card in the original which was used at the time of booking.

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