Railway Ticket Booking Covid-19

The deadly coronavirus has put all our lives to a standstill. However, it might be a pause in some of our lives, many migrant daily wage workers are desperate to reach their respective homes. In light of the plight of migrants the Indian government has announced 15 limited special passengers’ train connecting Delhi with major stations across India. Thus, the rail service resumes from the 12th of May and the bookings will open from 4 PM starting from 11th of May. Further, more trains likely to operate based on the availability of the coaches. Get to your city with Railway ticket booking COVID-19 pandemic.

Train Ticket Booking During COVID-19

The trains from New Delhi will run through 15 destinations and will also return from few places. They are Chennai, Bilaspur, Patna, Rachi, Secunderabad, Mumbai central, Ahmedabad, Agartala, Howrah, Dibrugarh, Madgoan, Jammu Tawi, Bhubaneswar, and Thiruvanthapuram. The tickets for these destinations can only possibly booked online through the Railway catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) mobile app or website. Hence the bookings done through third party agents stands restricted. Further, wearing masks and undergoing screening at the department and passengers with no symptoms will be permitted to board the train. There will be 15 special trains at the beginning including return trains which mean 30 operating train services.

Passenger Train List COVID-19

The Indian Railway service has suspended service for more than a month which is a first for it. The India railways have been active for more than 167 years. The railway ticket booking Covid-19 is a tough decision to take for the government. Thus, resuming the services after the pandemic is crucial for the Indian government. The Passenger train list continues as follows: New Delhi to Agartala, New Delhi to Howrah, New Delhi to Patna, New Delhi to Bilaspur, New Delhi to Ranchi, New Delhi to Bhubaneswar, New Delhi to Secunderabad, New Delhi to Bengaluru, New Delhi to Chennai, New Delhi to Thiruvananthapuram, New Delhi to Madgaon, New Delhi to Mumbai Central, New Delhi to Ahmedabad, New Delhi to Jammu Tawi, New Delhi to Dibrugarh.

Ticket Booking For Different Cities

The Railway ticket counters across India remain closed. However, online ticket booking through Indian Railways catering and tourism corporation (IRCTC) website and the app remains open. Consequently, book your tickets from a city to a city from the trains currently resuming services. Make sure to go through the terms and conditions to be eligible to board a train during the pandemic. If you are unable to get to your city or village, make sure to get to the nearest railway station to commute to your city. Getting to a different city is eased during this later stage of lockdown.

To book your railway tickets, Click Here.

Rules And Regulation For Booking Tickets

Take a look at the list of Rules and regulations to bard the special train services.

  1. Book for the special train via the IRCTC website and app only.
  2. Only confirmed tickets will be booked and the ARP will be 7 days maximum.
  3. Waitlist and RAC ticket booking will not be permitted for special trains.
  4. All types of tatkal booking remain closed i.e, current and premium tatkal.
  5. No blankets and linens will be distributed on the train.
  6. The catering charges will be included in the ticket fare.
  7. Passengers need to be present at the boarding station before 90 minutes.


  • When will the special train start service?

Special train services amidst COVID-19 will start operating from the 12th of May.

  • Where do the boarding stations start?

The 15 trains, a total of 30 journeys to and fro from Delhi to various parts of the country have been scheduled. The boarding station is mainly the Delhi railway station.

  • What special precautions should be taken?

In line with the COVID-19 pandemic wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing and adhering to the rules by the railway department remains mandatory.

  • What services remain open on railways?

Dry meals and packaged drinking will be available on payment in trains.



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