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This is the most descriptive and elaborated post for Tatkal Extension information. Everyone wants to book a confirmed train ticket instantly. Booking Tatkal tickets have always been a dicey and dodgy task for commuters. Whenever you go to book a ticket, it seems like you are running a race where you are competing against others to get that “GOLD”. A perfect example will be the fastest-finger-fast round in Kaun Banega Crorepati. Apart from that, there are some other obstacles that may come in your way. Like slow internet speed, a transaction fails in the eleventh hour, timing out of payment while you are laboriously typing out the bank details, etc. Aren’t we all familiar with this? So, to overcome all these obstacles we can use an extension that does all the hard work without any hassle. All you have to do is just fill-up all the details before booking. The extension will do the rest. Recently, we have launched our own tatkal extension named “Auto Tatkal”. We have the extension available in the Google Chrome Store.

IRCTC Tatkal Extensions 2021

There are no such extensions by IRCTC where you can book your tatkal ticket efficiently. But it has launched its own extension for different browsers. But, if you book the ticket from this extension, you will be using the old method. There is no option where you can autofill the details & book tickets faster. IRCTC tatkal booking, in the normal way, is by far one of the risky tasks, you have ever done in your life. According to us, you should consider using our IRCTC Tatkal extension if you are going to book tatkal tickets because it is one of the best tatkal booking extension until now.

Tatkal Ticket Booking Extension 2021

You will find numerous tatkal ticket booking extensions for IRCTC. Most of the people want daily updates on IRCTC tatkal ticket booking and the extension if any to get confirmed tickets. So, the big question is how do you find the right extension for your booking. Well, there is a number of factors for choosing the right extension according to you. Factors like speed, reviews on google, & authenticity. We can proudly say that we have all these features available in our extension. All you have to do is just install it and book your ticket. It’s that simple. The main benefit is it saves you a lot of time by filling up the details automatically so that you can make the transaction faster according to your convenience.

Download Auto Tatkal Extension 2021

As we said, there are a lot of auto tatkal booking extensions on the internet. The reason why Auto Tatkal sets itself apart from all those other extensions is that it has a clean, user-friendly interface, which can be used even by a 5-year-old kid! Not only that, it is faster than all the other extensions. You can download the Auto Tatkal Chrome extension from google chrome store.

How to Use AutoTatkal Extension

It is super easy to download the Autotatkal extension. You can follow the steps further to use the extension accordingly. Use these steps and book your tikcets while travelling via Railways. All details have been listed below for your convenience.

Instructions for Google Chrome Store Download –

  • Go to Google Chrome Webstore
  • Search for Auto Tatkal Extension
  • Click on “Add to Chrome” Button
  • Tick the agree & continue option
  • Fill up all your trip details, passenger info, and payment info.
  • For more information, watch the demo video.
  • You can give your valuable feedback in the feedback section.
  • Click On Book Now at 09:58 am OR 10:58 am.It would redirect you to IRCTC new website.
  • Click On Login. Your login and password are automatically filled.
  • Fill the captcha and click login
  • Journey Detailed will be filled and it would redirect to TRAIN LIST PAGE
  • Your Train selected will be marked in a yellow box.
  • When the clock hits 10:00 am or 11:00 am. Check Availability will be clicked automatically
  • If not click on your own.
  • Then click Book Now to proceed.

IRCTC Autofill Extension 2021

This extension is basically an IRCTC autofill extension that helps you fill the form in advance and save it to book your ticket faster. Because it takes time to fill the form on the IRCTC website while going for normal method of booking tickets. It makes it easy for tatkal tickets using the extension. Save your time while buying the tickets and get confirmed tickets.

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