Tatkal Quota Waitlist in Trains

tatkal quota

Indian Railways has always been the most active transportation platform for decades. People prefer trains because it is more suitable for them to commute in an affordable way. That is the only reason why there is always a rush while booking tickets. If you are planning your travel, anytime before the departure, then you can get a confirmed ticket very easily. Whether you are booking a Tatkal or General ticket. It does not matter. But when you are looking for a tatkal ticket booking, you need to be aware of the rules and regulations while booking and follow all the instructions accordingly. If you don’t have any idea on what tatkal quota is, it is actually a set of seats/berths on most trains that opens at 10:00 am the day before the train leaves its originating station. While this allows last-minute passengers to get seats or berths on trains, demand for tatkal seats and berths is incredibly heavy and in many cases, all tickets under the tatkal quota get sold out minutes after bookings open. For more information, go through the article thoroughly.

Tatkal Quota In Trains

Tatkal means “Instant” or  “Immediate”. It is mainly associated with IRCTC because there are a lot of people who need to commute for an emergency. There is competition because of the passengers who booked their tickets 1-2 months before there departure. There are a specific number of seats that are allocated to Tatkal Quota. Nowadays there are no particular tatkal coaches attached, instead, a specific number of seats in the regular coaches are kept especially as tatkal quota seats. For 2A class, 4 berths per coach are kept aside as Tatkal quota. Similarly, for 3A it is 6 berths and AC Chair Car, 6 seats per coach.

Tatkal Quota

Tatkal is one of the sought after booking that every passenger needs. There is something that you need to know about the confirmation chances. While booking a railway ticket either the passenger will get a confirmed ticket or a waiting ticket. In waiting tickets, there are many types of tickets, out of which GNWL (General Waiting List) and TQWL (Tatkal Quota waiting list) are the most important ones. Now if you have a GNWL ticket taken from the railway counter, then you can travel on the train with that ticket. But if your ticket is waiting for ticket and you have booked the ticket using the internet, your ticket will not be valid. As it automatically gets canceled after chart preparation. The same rules are there for Tatkal waiting tickets.

Tatkal Quota Waitlist

Here is the complete information, if you want to know more about Tatkal Waitlist.

  • For Tatkal Tickets, the waiting list issued used to be CKWL which has been changed to TQWL by the Indian Railways since December 2016.
  • If a tatkal ticket goes up, it directly gets confirmed and doesn’t go through RAC status, unlike GNWL.
  • During chart preparation, the general waiting list (GNWL) is preferred over the tatkal waiting list (TQWL) therefore tatkal waitlisted tickets are less likely to get confirmed.
  • Tatkal ticket waitlist, the refund of fare shall be granted in accordance with rule less clerkage.


1 – How many seats are allocated to Tatkal Quota?

Ans – We have already mentioned the no, of seats that are allocated to Tatkal. You can find them in the above article.

2 – How many tickets can be booked in Tatkal?

Ans – You can book only 2 Tatkal tickets per User ID. You can book 6 tickets on a monthly basis.

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