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Tatkal Software

This is the most comprehensive and descriptive post on Tatkal Software. Make sure you go through it thoroughly because you will be getting a lot of value from this post. Gone are the days when people used to go to Railway Ticket Counters and wait for hours to book their Tatkal tickets. No doubt, even to this day, you will find these people standing in a line for booking. But, the number has decreased a lot due to the advancement of the Internet and the Digital world. The Internet has made our lives a lot easier than before. Not only that, because of the internet, there has been a humungous transformation in the Digital Market. Approximately, 80% of the population has access to devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, smart tv, etc. So, this has made booking tatkal tickets super easy. Apart from IRCTC, there are some third-party websites that provide you a particular software/extension/ tatkal app that can book your tatkal tickets in a much faster and easier way. Tatkal Softwares can save you a lot of time if you know how to use them properly.

What is Tatkal Software

Tatkal Software is an extension/app that makes your tatkal ticket booking much easier. Don’t worry about this software, it just saves plenty of time for you. There are a lot of tatkal softwares available on the Internet like Auto Tatkal, Tatkal4Sure, etc. Now the question arises, how do you choose which software to use? Its very simple, you just have to check the reviews and the speed of the website. That’s it. While booking a tatkal ticket, your internet connection and typing ability should be spot on. You don’t have to stress about the typing part because this software is there for you. Even if you have normal to a good internet connection, that’s perfect.

Free Softwares

We know how much you love free stuff. To your surprise, most of the tatkal softwares are free of cost. You must be thinking, well how is that possible !! Well, we can’t say why other extensions are for free but we think that it must be the same reason as ours. Of course, we have created this software free only for you. NO MONEY REQUIRED !. Just Install the app and extension, follow the instructions mention in the app and you are good to go. You don’t have a reason not to use the app/extension because it saves both time and money, the two most precious resources of a human being.

Tatkal Booking Software in 2019

There are a few more weeks left for 2019 to end. Even this year, very few softwares were launched. Most of them, just get upgraded to a newer version. However, everyone’s function is the same i.e. to fill up the details in the IRCTC Form while booking as quickly as possible and provide the confirmed ticket to the end-user. Even if you search for tatkal software in 2019, most of them will be the upgraded version of the previous one. All you need is just one software that works fine for your purpose. Almost all the apps are free of cost, you don’t have to worry about paying. It’s completely FREE!

Tatkal Ticket Booking Software

So, every software has a unique interface.  Although the function is the same. You have a lot of options to choose through. All the tatkal booking software work under IRCTC. In the end, you will have to book the ticket from IRCTC only. The software is just a tool that finishes the form fillup on IRCTC in moments. You will have to save the content in your software. From then onwards, it will redirect to the IRCTC website automatically.

Red Mirchi Software

This software is provided by the owner of Redmi Mirchi. But it is a paid software. There are some rules that you need to follow before downloading this software. The rules are as follows :

  • You can only download the software after payment.
  • Recommended Internet speed should be 7 Mbps download  & 5  Mbps upload.
  • Uninstall any anti-virus before running software because it corrupts the software file.
  • Complete information about the software is mentioned on the website. Kindly go through them before buying it.

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