Tatkal Ticket Booking Software

tatkal ticket booking software

Nowadays, tatkal ticket booking has become one of the most difficult jobs for people who regularly travel by train. There are people who are experts in booking those tickets no matter what the circumstances are. And there are also people who are complete beginners for booking tatkal tickets. There is a very fine line in between a confirmed and unconfirmed tatkal ticket. That fine line can be anything. Maybe slow internet connection, slow bank servers, slow systems or browsers, etc, etc. No matter how careful you are something will come no matter what. So, what do you do in these kinds of situations? You don’t have to worry again, because there is a solution. The solution is a “Tatkal Ticket Booking Software”. How does it function? What is the cost? Is it reliable? Whoa, hold on! You get all your answers below. Just go through the article patiently.

What is Tatkal Software?

Tatkal software is an extension or app that provides you a suitable platform where you can store all your booking details in advance and use them while booking your ticket.

It will redirect you to the IRCTC page automatically after you have filled up your details. You will find many softwares on the internet. It will be your choice which one you need to select, that will give you your desired result. You can select them on the basis of speed, authority, and reviews. Some of them are free, while others are paid. Almost 90% of the softwares are free, so you don’t have to worry about the money. Everyone these days is using a Tatkal Ticket Booking Software to easily get the tickets and saving the brokerage money.

Tatkal Ticket Booking Software 2021

These tatkal ticket booking softwares come in many versions like you can find them as an app, an extension, or a file that you need to download to your system and install it. The software basically stores all the details, at the time of booking i.e. 10 AM for AC & 11 AM for Non AC, it automatically redirects to IRCTC dashboard and fills up all the details quickly to give you a boost with your booking. You need to login to your IRCTC account before adding your details on the software. There is no spam here. No one is going to steal your details from the software. You can keep it password protected. They are completely safe and secure.

Tatkal Software Download 2021

Tatkal Ticket Booking Software are extensions to save your time while booking the tickets. Red Mirchi is one of the software that is very popular. Auto Tatkal and Super Tatkal have both apps and extensions to use. You can download these software from the internet itself. They are very easy to download. You will find a user manual or a video guide that can give you the proper steps to use these extensions and apps. You can easily go for tatkal software download.

IRCTC Tatkal Booking Software 2021

All the software, apps and extensions are connected with IRCTC. Without IRCTC, how would you book tickets! Variety of extensions to use. Most of them are third party apps though. IRCTC already came up with its own app and extension but they are not related to tatkal. As it is diffcult to get a confirm tickets these days people are opting Tatkal Ticket Booking Software.


1 – What is the fastest way to book a Tatkal Ticket?

Ans –  The fastest way to book a tatkal ticket is to use some kind of software/app/extension that reduces your booking time.

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