Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Refund

tatkal ticket cancellation refund

Thinking of cancelling your tatkal ticket, also looking for a tatkal ticket cancellation refund, we have you sorted. Tatkal ticket cancellation refund is available only on waiting/RAC tatkal tickets. The Indian railways have made it easy for you. Visit the IRCTC site and file TDR. Your money will be credited to you in 1-2 weeks’ time if any refund is available. Indian Railways is the biggest and most widespread railway network in the world serving one of the biggest populations in the world. The biggest employer in the world is the Indian Railways.

Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Refund

No refund is available for confirmed tatkal tickets. You can cancel your confirmed Tatkal ticket and make way for the waiting list tatkal ticket holders. Waiting/RAC tatkal refund is available, only the tatkal charges will be deducted.

Refund Rules

For the cancellation of confirmed tatkal tickets, there is no refund available.  For Waiting/RAC AC/Sleeper tatkal tickets only tatkal charges will be deducted and the remaining money will be credited to you in 1-2 weeks’ time.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy is simple, all the tatkal tickets can be cancelled 30 mins before the scheduled time. If you have a confirmed tatkal ticket and are not going to make it, please cancel the ticket and make the seat available for people on the waiting list. The cancellation process is simple- visit IRCTC and input your train details, mark cancel.

Tatkal Confirm Ticket Cancellation Refund

For tatkal confirm ticket cancellation, there is no refund available. Sorry, my friend hard luck. Confirmed tatkal ticket cancellation charges are zero. The tatkal ticket prices are higher than normal tickets. If you want detailed information about tatkal fair inquiry then visit our article.

Tatkal Ticket Waiting Cancellation Refund

For a waiting tatkal ticket, the cancellation charge is 60 Rs, so you will get all your money back minus the 60 rs. We suggest as soon as you get a waiting tatkal ticket to cancel it right away. Or wait for a few days and file TDR. Tatkal ticket price minus 60 Rs will be credited back to your account in 1-2 weeks’ time.

The best way to get the confirmed tickets on tatkal is to use a chrome extension. This will only book the confirmed tatkal tickets and it will auto-fill each and every detail. More details on waiting list cancellation 


Can the tatkal ticket be cancelled?

Yes, all tatkal tickets can be cancelled. While the cancellation of the confirmed ticket gets no refunds, the waiting/ RAC tatkal tickets only the tatkal charges deducted and the remaining money is credited back to you.

Can we cancel the tatkal waiting list ticket?

Yes, you can cancel the tatkal waiting list ticket. Even if you don’t the waiting tatkal tickets get cancelled automatically 30 mins before the scheduled time.

Also, Install Auto Tatkal chrome Extension to get confirmed tickets every time.

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