Tatkal Waiting List Cancellation

tatkal waiting list cancellation

Nothing is worse than getting waiting list tatkal tickets. If you are facing problems in booking tatkal then do install our chrome extension. It will automatically fill each and every detail and gives you the confirmed tickets. But if you end up with the waiting list ticket then read this article. We have listed possible solutions to all of your problems. By default, there are no tatkal waiting list cancellation charges because you will get a full refund and there is no way to cancel them either.

Confirmed Ticket: Here is How to book Tatkal tickets

Tatkal Waiting List Cancellation Rules

  • If you have a waiting list Tatkal ticket, then you can cancel your ticket by yourself or else it will be automatically canceled after the chart preparation.
  • You need to fill TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) to get your refund or you can get it automatically.
  • For waiting list, Tatkal ticket refund will be generated automatically after the cancellation of your tickets and deduction of Tatkal charges.
  • For Tatkal tickets you can only cancel your tickets before 30 Minutes of schedule time from the boarding point.
  • If the ticket is taken from Railway counter then you need to cancel it from the same booking counter
  • If you have an online ticket then either you can cancel online or just leave that to get a full refund.

How to Cancel Waiting List Tatkal Ticket

If you to the ticket from any Railway Station Counter:

Then you have to visit the same counter as the same location. You must carry the original ticket with you and make sure that didn’t tear or got any ink marks on that. Show your ticket at the counter and ask them to cancel. They will check your journey details and may ask for your ID card. Once everything is confirmed you will get the final refund amount and this is usually 60 Rs minus from the original booking amount.

If you got the ticket from online or an E-Ticket:

All of the online waitlisted E-Tickets aren’t valid for the train journey. These type of tickets will be automatically canceled and you will get the refund in 1-2 weeks. But if you want to do the manual refund process then follow the below steps.

  • Take a Print out of TDR form from this link
  • Fill in all the details like PNR Number, Journey, and Passengers
  • Once the form is ready courier that to the given address at the top of TDR form
  • When they receive the mail your refund will be processed and credited to your account

The FAQ on Tatkal Waiting List cancellation

What are the Tatkal waiting list cancellation charges?
There are 60 Rs cancellation charges for any type of Ticket. This includes either Sleeper or AC. You can read this article for detailed information:

Can I cancel the waitlisted tatkal ticket?
Yes, you can. Follow the above steps to cancel a waitlisted tatkal ticket or simply wait for a week to get a full refund.

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